Has Ashton Meem Been Unfaithful To Russell Wilson When He Was Away?

Ashton Meem

Watch out for Russell Wilson and Ciara, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and pop singer spouse, as a pair.

But did you know that before to his 2016 wedding, Wilson was already married to Ashton Meem, a stunning blonde?

Who is Ashton Meem?

Ashton Meem, the sole child of Molly and Lang Meem, was born in Richmond, Virginia, on September 6, 1987.

Meem attended the all-girls St. Catherine’s School in Richmond before deciding to enrol in the University of Georgia for three years.

She later transferred to North Carolina State University, where in 2010 she earned a communications bachelor’s degree. But it was her marriage to NFL player Russell Wilson that propelled her to prominence.

Information about Ashton Meem

  • On September 6, she celebrates her birthday.
  • Her parents, who have been married for 44 years, only have her.
  • She graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s in communications.
  • She is 178 cm (5’10”) tall and 115 pounds (52kgs).
  • She rose to fame after marrying NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.
  • She also coordinates events.
  • Her estimated net worth is $4 million, which she acquired via her work in advertising and event planning.

Career of Ashton Meem

Ashton started her career as an intern in media marketing before moving on to become an art buyer and consultant. She worked as an art buyer and print production intern for McKinny after her 2009 internship with Lewis Media Partner.


She worked at Morton Consulting LLC as an account executive. She then got a job as an advertising operations assistant with American Family Insurance. How much money Ashton Meem currently makes is unknown.

Her fortune is reportedly at $4 million, or her net worth.

Where Did Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson First Meet?

At Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia, where he participated in football, baseball, and basketball teams, Ashton Meem met Russell Wilson. Meem revealed to the Richmond Times-Dispatch in 2012 that she briefly dated her future spouse in high school. At first glance, there was love. We began to run into one other again at a summer party after that.

The two began dating and maintained a long-distance relationship when they were in college. Before starting a relationship, they briefly met in high school on and off. Even after Ashton enrolled at the University of Georgia, they continued their long-lasting relationship.

Meem transferred to NC State instead of her old institution to be nearer to Wilson. After a year following Ashton’s graduation, her lover Wilson went to the University of Wisconsin to play football for his school.

Which Approach Did Russell Take to Approach Ashton?

On August 1, 2010, Wilson organised a surprise visit to the Presidential Suite at a prestigious hotel in Cary, North Carolina. In front of their dog Penny, who had come to see the engagement, he got down on one knee and proposed to Meem there. Wilson had, however, “arranged for everyone in the lobby to remain quiet,” as he recalled, so her parents were forced to wait outside for the after-celebration.

The day Ashton said “Yes” was the most joyful day of their lives. They announced their engagement in August 2010 after several years of dating and hanging together. The diamond in Ashton Meem’s engagement ring weighed eight carats.


On January 14, 2012, the pair decided to wed at the Country Club of Virginia after considerable contemplation. Ashton Meem, who owns a small wedding planning company, planned the entire wedding ceremony because she enjoys doing it.

Wilson’s NFL training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, which coincided with the wedding, forced him to postpone his honeymoon.

Wilson and Meem were much in love during the most of their marriage. The Seattle Seahawks selected Wilson in round three of the 2012 NFL Draft only three months after their big day. Two weeks later, he agreed to a four-year, $2.99 million contract.

What Wrong Between the Two?

Behind the scenes, though, their journey eventually came to an end. Russell Wilson, who had been married for two years, informed his teammates of his intention to file for divorce in April 2014. He said the following, according to Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times:

“I have decided to file for divorce, which was a difficult choice. These are obviously not simple choices. In this trying time, Ashton and I sincerely need your prayers, consideration, and privacy. I won’t be commenting further on this personal topic going ahead.

The pair decided to call it quits and separate on April 22, 2014.

Golden Tate: Did Ashton deceive Russell?

Rumors that Ashton Meem had cheated on Russell Wilson with Golden Tate, according to some accounts, led to the breakdown of their marriage. Even though, Ashton denied every charge, and there was no concrete proof that she had betrayed Russell. Russell, on the other hand, chose to say nothing about it.

Tate was allegedly struck by a teammate named Percy Harvin following the incident. They had Golden to compose an essay in which he discussed his decision to leave Seattle, his girlfriend’s acquaintance with Ashton, and the absurd claim that he had been punched.

He claimed that he never had an affair with Russell’s wife and was thus unrelated to their divorce. Golden Tate responded to the claims with a lengthy personal essay on The Cauldron, in which he stated the following:

I didn’t cheat on Russell Wilson’s wife, and I had nothing to do with his divorce, either. Anyone who knows us will find that absurd. My girlfriend and his ex-wife Ashton still close friends. Russell and I were close friends both on and off the field while I lived in Seattle, and he is aware that the claims that were spread about me were false, hurtful to my reputation, and an attack on my character. Whoever spread the rumour was just irresponsible.

To yet, no one has come forward to acknowledge cheating, and the claims are unsupported by any evidence. Elise Pollard, Tate’s girlfriend, was the only other person to publicly support her boyfriend’s denial of the charge.

Ashton Meem is currently where?

Ashton Meem’s disappearance from social networking sites has drawn attention. She has hardly been seen in the media after her divorce. However, Ashton is presently employed by Your American Family Insurance as a marketing operations assistant, as shown on her LinkedIn profile.

While Russell Wilson and Ciara, his second wife, have three children together, Ashton Meem is said to be unmarried. Ashton has a low-key lifestyle; she has not updated her Instagram page since 2017. In order to prevent anyone from monitoring her life on Twitter, she has made her account private.

She never expressed any intentions for what she wanted the relationship to go to in the future. Still, Ashton Meem is solely known for being the ex-wife of Russell Wilson, the best NFL player and captain of the Seattle Seahawks. She is frequently described as Russell Wilson’s ex-wife.

The Popular Image The audience was amazed by Ashton Meem

Recently, Aston Meem’s photo went viral, which stunned the crowd and Russel Wilson’s followers and provided them the opportunity to talk about certain rumours.

“In celebration of the NFL Draft, may we never forget the night when Russell Wilson’s ex-wife felt she was set for life,” the NFL Meme account captioned the image.

As soon as the image became viral, Russell’s supporters began spreading it and making countless jokes about their connection.

The image was posted on Twitter with the remark “Ionic” by some users and “This now resides in my mind rent-free” by others.

One of the female supporters claimed that despite their divorce, Russell’s ex-wife is delighted for him and firmly backs the footballer.

More importantly, quarterback Russell Wilson has worked really hard to make a name for himself as one of the finest in his time.

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