BYRON Yawn is the CEO of a Tennessee consulting firm and a former pastor

Byron Yawn

Who is Byron Yawn?

Former Community Bible Church in Nashville pastor Yawn.

He first met Zobrist and his wife Julianna at the chapel, the Journal Star reports.

According to the publication, Zobrist had accused Yawn of having an affair with Julianna and was about to seek for divorce.

The former pastor is likewise charged with defrauding Zobrist’s charity, according to the complaint that the Journal Star was able to receive.

Two-time World Series winner Zobrist took four months off from the Chicago Cubs in 2019 to work through marital issues.

The baseball star claimed in his complaint that he lost $8 million in revenue.

He is now asking for $6 million in compensation.

Yawn is no longer a Community Bible Church member.

The Journal Star stated citing court documents that despite taking a break from baseball in 2019, Zobrist did not become aware of the alleged affair until the following year.

Zobrist and pianist Julianna were wed in 2005; they have three kids together.

According to the lawsuit, Zobrist gave a sizable sum of money to Community Bible Church.

The publication claims that Zobrist also provided Yawn’s family with up to $15,000 for a pastoral visit.

The lawsuit, according to the Journal Star, claims that Yawn “often capitalised on the Plaintiff’s celebrity, asking him to sign autographs for his mother-in-law; requesting tickets to baseball games; hosting ‘Guys Night Out’ for the church at Mr. Zobrist’s home; (requesting) that Mr. Zobrist send personal videos to parishioners who were being baptised.

What has Julianna been talked about by Ben Zobrist?

Since they made their divorce public, it has been contentious.

After taking a leave of absence to address their troubles, Julianna said in court filings acquired by the Chicago Tribune that Ben is “guilty of failing to maintain marital assets.”

Ben’s attorney, Helen S. Roger, referred to the allegations as “utterly ludicrous” and said that Ben had “severe emotional pain” as a result of Julianna’s relationship with Yawn.

She expected her husband to be able to fully concentrate on an elite athletic job that required (100%) of his physical and mental energy, Rogers wrote in her court filing, according to the Chicago Tribune. Instead of taking responsibility for breaking her husband’s heart by having an affair with their pastor.

Byron Yawn Age

51 years of age is Byron Yawn. On March 4, 1970, he was born in Mississippi, Alabama, in the United States.

Byron Yawn Wife

Byron sighs In Alabama, where he was a guest speaker, his wife Robin and wife Yawn grew up next to one another. They were high school sweethearts and had the unique blessing of becoming Christians at the same time in their lives, according to the description.

Their marriage has always been centred around the Gospel. Their three children are Lauren, Wade, and Blake. Yawn describes the development of the church since his and his wife’s entrance to Community Bible Church in early 2001 as “they have observed the church flourish under a continual devotion to expository preaching.”

According to reports, Julianna and Yawn used “burner phones” to conceal their relationship. In May 2019, Robin, Yawn’s wife, “discovered that he had a burner phone,” the lawsuit claims. Mrs. Yawn forewarned her husband that Robin “did confide in Mr. Zobrist the next day that she felt her husband and his wife were having an emotional relationship, but nothing sexual” and that “if Julianna did not notify Ben about this, she would.”

Byron Yawn Net Worth

Byron Yawn is said to have a net worth of $2 to $3 million USD.

Is Byron Yawn Still A Pastor?

Yawn served as the Community Bible Church’s previous pastor in Nashville. He met Zobrist and his wife, Julianna, in the church, as reported by the Journal Star. The two-time World Series champion Zobrist took a four-month leave of absence from the Chicago Cubs in 2019 to address marital problems.

Is Byron Yawn and Robin Yawn still wed?

He further claimed that Byron Yawn had defrauded the charity for which he works, run by Zobrist. After over 16 years of dating, Byron and Robin were hitched in 2005. They are parents of three kids.


Former American preacher Byron Yawn now serves as the CEO of the business consultancy firm Forrest Crain & Co. Additionally, he was sued and suffered damages of roughly $8 million.

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