With good reason, December is referred to be the “World of Holidays.” There will be several celebrations and holidays throughout the world in 2022. Here, in this article about World Holidays in December 2022, we will educate you about them.

This will be extremely helpful to you if you want to visit another country or state to spend time with your family or if you want to travel to Qatar to watch the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 matches live in person.

Alternatively, you can unwind at home knowing that you are exempt from your usual responsibilities on certain days. Whatever you decide to do, here is a brief list of the festivals and celebrations that will be taking place in December 2022.

December Global Holidays in 2022:

Here is a short table of the holidays that will be observed in December 2022, along with when and where they will be most widely observed.

Date December Global Holidays  Countries that Celebrate
5 December 2022 Krampusnacht European countries, especially Austria
6 December 2022 St. Nicholas Day Europian countries
8 December 2022 Feast of the Immaculate America, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Korea, Nicaragua, Paraguay, the Philippines, Spain and Uruguay
28 November to 56 December 2022 Hanukkah  Jewish People
13 December 2022 St. Lucia Day Sweden
13 December 2022 Santa Lucia Scandinavia and Italy
16 to 24 December 2022 Las Posadas Mexico and Guatemala
21 December 2022 Winter Solstice Worldwide
23 December 2022 Festivus  America
25 December 2022 Christmas Worldwide, specially Jewish people celebrate it.
26 December 2022 to 1 January 2022 Kwanzaa  Africa
31 December 2022 Omisaka  Japan
31 December 2022 New Year’s Eve Worldwide

The History and Purpose of These Holidays

Let’s examine the origins of these holidays and the reasons why they are observed.


In certain European nations, Krampusnacht is observed, with Austria hosting the largest event. People perform a poetic poem in praise of a mythological demon on this day, and young men dress up in gruesome costumes for Halloween and participate in a race.

St. Nicholas Day

The Feast of St. Nicholas, also known as St. Nicholas Day, is a day when people exchange presents with and for their loved ones. St. Nicholas-costumed guy makes house calls and rewards children for their performances with gifts.

Feast of the Immaculate

The Immaculate Conception Feast honours the virgin Mary’s conception without guilt or wrongdoing. Mother Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus on this day because she was sinless and pure. Many go to Brazil on this to experience the celebrations of the Catholics.


The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is one of the most important occasions for remembering and commemorating the recapture of Jerusalem and the rededication of its second temple in the second century. The festival of lights is another name for it.

St. Lucia Day

St. Lucia Day honours the martyr Lucia of Syracuse, who wore a lighted wreath on her head and carried food to Christians sheltering in Roman catacombs.

Las Posadas

In order to provide Jesus Christ with a secure haven, Joseph and Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Las Posadas commemorates their voyage.

Winter Solstice

The longest night and shortest day of the year coincide on the one of the coldest days of the year, known as the Winter Solstice. It also heralds the beginning of the period of lengthening days and shortening nights. Midwinter Observance or Yule are other names for it.


Festivus is a protest against obnoxious commercialism. It also goes by the name “Festival of Fights.”


As the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas need no introduction. The coming of Santa Claus, who gave presents to everyone, symbolises the celebration of this religious and cultural belief that is observed around the world.


On December 26, Kwanzaa begins and lasts for seven days. It is a celebration of groups, families, and cultures that aims to provide African Americans a means to get in touch with their past and traditions.

New Year’s Eve

Another well-known international holiday in December is New Year’s Eve. People say farewell and celebrate the start of a new year on the final day of the month and the year. The Ball Drop in Times Square is a magnificent tradition that is observed all around the world.

All of the following international holidays will occur in December 2022. Now you may schedule the upcoming month without worrying about whether you’ll have enough time to spend relaxing at home or having a good time somewhere else.

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