What is EEHHAAA?

EEHHAAA is a global advertising campaign. In order to prevent marketing funds from being wasted, we pair advertisers with an eager and engaged audience, and our rewards programme enables viewers to be compensated for seeing advertising.

It provides its customers with a respectable revenue option to enlarge their team, similar to many other networking organisations. When KYC is through, you will receive a few euros if you add another member using your referral code, and you will continue to receive a few euros daily from him.

A business called EEHHAAA claims to compensate its users for seeing advertisements. However, you must pay 10 Euro as part of your KYC if you wish to join EEHHAAA or JAA Lifestyle.


Log into Enter your details to login your EEHHAAA App ID. Google and Facebook Login to Continue with JAA Lifestyle.

Popularity Global
Services Advertising Program

EEHHAAA Login 2022:

JAA Lifestyle members can access the EEHHAAA programme and advertising programme by signing into their accounts. EEHHAAA Login 2022 – login tutorial and review.

Therefore, it is crucial to know whether it is secure and how to obtain information on the Eehhaaa.Com App Login, Password Reset, and Referral Program.


You can access all online tools, features, and services after entering your login or password into your App EEHHAAA ID.

Simple methods for logging into your EEHHAAA account and signing in using your ID.

  • Go to in your web browser.
  • In the “Username” column, type your user name, EEHHAAA.
  • In the “Password” box, enter the password for your EEHHAAA ID.
  • Select “Login” from the menu.

EEHHAAA Member Registration

You must first go to the website. You may get this by clicking on this link.

  • The homepage will then appear in front of you. Here, you must click the top-positioned “Sign Up” button.
  • You will now see the registration form in front of you. You must fill out this form with your complete name, username, email, phone number, country, birthdate, and other information.
  • Next, click the “Sign Up” button.

Join EEHHAAA Advertisement Registration

Only those who are really interested in what the advertising has to offer will see their message.

Login to, JAALiving User Name

  • You can log in under the JAALifestyle Members area if you are a member of JAA Lifestyle.
  • Click the icon to the right if you are not a member of JAALifestyle.

Verify or update your information

  • You must finish entering your data.
  • Choose your age, gender, city, and country from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to receive emails after completing the captcha.

Select Your Type of Registration

Pay for PV: Finish the verification process right away to maximise your earnings.

Avoid paying PV: You may finish your PV at no cost, and you can get up to €350 in advertising revenue! You should be aware that if you opt to skip your PV payment right away, you won’t get the full €1,000 maximum for another 6 months after your PV date.

Decide What Interests You

*Click Save after selecting at least 25 interests from the list of categories.

What is the EEHHAAA Fee?

View the criteria listed on the website for Jaa Lifestyle Registration. We discovered that paying a charge to register with Jaa Lifestyle may be necessary.

However, it has also been stated in several videos that KYC must be paid for even if registration is free. The exact costs have not yet been determined.

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