How to Fix [pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82] Errors in Mircrosoft Outlook


pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 Outlook may give an outlook error while attempting to send or receive emails with Windows 10. There are several potential causes for this issue. Although it might be quite annoying, there are several simple actions you can follow to fix the problem and resume working!

You need to identify the issue, then discover a solution, in order to fix this issue. Assume, for instance, that a faulty PST file is to blame for your pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 outlook issue. If so, you should attempt fixing it with the Microsoft OST file tool or another piece of PST repair-specific software.

There are still some solutions available if the pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82  outlook problem is not caused by PST files or if they are too damaged to be repaired. One such solution is to export the PST file and import it in a different format. Afterward, recreate all of your Outlook rules in PSTX.

What is PII PN Errors?

Sensitive information may be lost as a result of a data breach, which is a serious incident. Your personal identification (PII) and credit card details are included in this (PN). Accidental disclosure, which happens when someone accidentally discloses or exposes sensitive data to unauthorised parties, is the most frequent sort of data breach. Human mistake or software flaws are frequently at blame for these kinds of infractions.

What is the pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 error, and Why does it Occur?

Have you been receiving “ pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82” error messages on your computer? This problem is a typical one for Windows 10. It indicates that your network connection has failed or that the programme cannot connect to the internet.

There are several causes that it could happen.

  • Your smartphone, Wi-Fi router, modem, or USP might all be at fault.
  • Second, it can also happen if your computer is running out of space. Making space by deleting certain files is the straightforward fix. Moreover, you may try utilising disc cleanup, emptying your recycle bin, or eliminating temporary internet files.
  • It can be brought on by a variety of factors, including issues with programme installation.
  • Another factor might be hardware issues, such as hard drive breakdowns and power outages, which could have affected data on your computer’s storage device.
  • Also, it occurs when you update or install a new driver.
  • The user could also experience it if they get an error notice that reads, “The action could not be performed because of either a missing file or inadequate permissions.”

What occurs when the errorpii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 appears in Outlook?

You might not be able to send or receive email when Outlook Error happens. Second, there will be some connection issues with your email account to the server.

Several Solutions for Outlook Error

On opening Outlook, have you been seeing the error code “pii­­_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82”? This is a widespread issue that many individuals deal with. The good news is that a simple cure can be found! Simply follow these instructions, and your problem will be resolved quickly.

Examine the computer’s and the internet’s connections.

Checking the connection between your computer and the internet is the first action we advise doing. Make sure your Ethernet or Wi-Fi cables are plugged in properly and that they are compatible with other devices on the same network (like a phone). Try restarting Outlook by selecting File > Restart from the menu bar at the top of your screen if there is no issue there.

As a result, when Outlook restarts, the only application running will be Outlook. After resuming, it can take a few minutes until things get going again. Send us an email explaining what happened after Outlook has restarted so that our staff may look into it further if necessary!

Upgrade Microsoft Outlook to the Latest Version

This error message is being displayed because Microsoft Outlook is out of date on your computer. Microsoft Outlook should be updated to a more recent version to fix the pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 issue.

To update Outlook and fix this issue, follow these steps.

1) Open Microsoft Office

2) Click on File

3) Select Account

4) Select Update Options

5) Check for Updates

6) Install any updates

7) Restart your computer

Fix the Problem Using the Control Panel

You may modify settings, see details about your machine, and troubleshoot issues via the Control Panel.

You should follow to the steps below.

1) Click Start

2) Type Control Panel

3) Select Programs

4) Double-click Uninstall a Program

5) Find the program that has been giving you trouble

6) Right-click on it

7) Select Uninstall

8 ) Follow any prompts

9 ) Restart your computer

10 ) Try opening the program again

11) If it still doesn’t work, contact

12) They will get back to you.

Disable Windows Defender and the antivirus

Another option is to turn off Windows Defender and your antivirus software, then restart your computer. Once you’ve recovered, try opening the file once more. Reinstalling the application is advised if that doesn’t fix problems, or you could get in touch with customer care for assistance with more complex troubleshooting techniques.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender to turn off Antivirus. Under the Virus Prevention options, select the “Turn off” or “Disable” button. Click the “Turn On” or “Enable” button once again to turn it back on.

Deleting duplicate accounts from the Computer and Microsoft Outlook

Many issues might arise from duplicate accounts. The account might not be accessible to you, or it might result in other email-related problems. It’s critical to get rid of them right away.

Ways to get rid of those annoying duplicates are following.

  • Launch Outlook
  • On the top menu bar, choose “Accounts.”
  • Choose “Manage Accounts.”
  • Choose delete next to any account that has a red x next to it.
  • When all of your duplicates are gone, repeat this step.
  • Check to see whether the pii_pn_8e0328ca72ae5040ff82 error still shows by opening Outlook once again. If not, then kudos to you! Your issue ought to be resolved right now.

Setting up new SMTP and POP servers

The most typical solution for this error is to change your computer’s SMTP and POP server settings.

To resolve the issue with your email account, simply follow the steps listed below!

Step 1: At the upper right corner of your screen, click “Settings.”

Step 2: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” on.

Step 3: Click the “Add Account” button in the top left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Choose “Other.”

Step 5: Choose IMAP from the list of available alternatives and fill in each field’s requirements (Incoming mail server, Outgoing mail server). After filling out all relevant fields, click save, and then click done at the bottom of the screen.


Several factors contribute to these inaccuracies. The most frequent reason is an infection of your computer with a virus or malware. There are other reasons as well, such as hardware that is incompatible with the application or incorrect programme settings. Despite the situation, it’s critical to have these problems resolved as soon as you can to avoid having an impact on your career or life in general.

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