Smith Machine Squat Death video where mother fails to lift 400 pounds of barbell and this happens

Smith Machine Squat Death video

We need to be extremely cautious when it comes to our lives since they are so valuable and unexpected. A woman in her 30s to 40s was seen in a video going viral working out with her daughter, but regrettably, she passed away there. Women’s dies for a smithy Squat.

Social media occasionally posts viral films, and this is one of such movies that has drawn a lot of attention and caused viewers to cry out in sorrow after seeing the horrifying death of the mother in front of her daughter, who is standing helplessly and pleading for assistance.

Two women—a mother and her daughter—were reportedly in the gym when the incident occurred. The mother went for the Smith machine’s squat, which was very heavy—it weighed close to 400 pounds, which is equivalent to lifting around 180 kg—but she was unable to hold it properly, and the heavy barbell fell on her neck, killing her.

The barbell was so heavy that when it fell on her neck, her neck was crushed, causing instant death. The trainer tried to lift the barbell, but he was unable to do so due to its weight. Other people helped him lift the barbell, and when he freed the woman, she lay lifeless and dead by the Smith machine squat. Searches for “Smith machine squat death video” turn up this. Watch the Smith machine squat death video right here.


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