Stealing Hearts: The 10 Cricketers Who Have Done The Most To Make The World A Better Place

The 10 Cricketers Who Have Done The Most To Make The World A Better Place

If you do well at cricket for a long time, you might be able to make enough money to live comfortably. Many community service groups have gotten help from current and former cricket players who have given their time and energy. The few cricket players on this list have made their mark not only on the field but also in other ways and cricket clips are clear proof of this:

  • Virat Kohli –

The former captain of the Indian cricket team is known not only for being the best batter of his time but also for having a kind heart. In 2013, Indian baseball player Virat Kohli started the Virat Kohli Foundation to help young athletes all over the country who want to get better at their sport. In recent years, the organization has done things like help care institutions and kids who aren’t doing well, as well as host charity balls. During the past year, the foundation was also in charge of setting up two shelters for animals. It also holds an awards ceremony once a year to honor India’s athletes and show appreciation for what they’ve done to help the country become a major sports power on the international stage.

  • Ian Botham –

Beefy’s Charity Foundation is run by Sir Ian Botham, who was the best all-rounder in the history of English cricket. When it was started in 2013, its main goal was to help children who were dealing with long-term illnesses. Children and young adults who have diseases like leukemia and brain tumors can get help from the organization. This group makes a lot of money because it puts on and hosts sporting events like golf and cricket tournaments.

  •  Imran Khan –

Imran Khan is the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. He used to be a player and won the World Cup. Khan was a winner on the field of play before he got into politics. His mother, who had been sick with cancer for a long time, died suddenly when he was 63 years old. People often say that Imran Khan is one of the most giving players. The brave journey to find a cure for cancer began when the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital was built. Since about 27 years ago, cancer patients have been able to get free care at the hospital.

  •  Yuvraj Singh –

Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricket player who has been sick for a long time and is well-known in his own country, is getting treatment for his illness right now. A former cricket player found out he had a rare form of cancer called seminoma during the 2011 Cricket World Cup. After he moved to Boston, he was able to get good medical care, which made him want to spend the rest of his life helping other people with cancer. In 2012, the famous cricketer’s mother helped him start a charity with the help of the group. The foundation’s only goal is to help people with cancer and encourage them to take care of themselves.

  •  Brett Lee –

Brett Lee, an Australian pacer, is thought by many to be one of the best athletes in his field ever. The Indian bowler started his charity organization called MEWSIC in 2011. Many people believe that listening to music can help them feel better. Music has the potential to help a person get better in a big way. To do this, the Mewsic foundation works to make young people more aware so that they can make better use of the information they have. The goal of his organization is to make a difference in the world through music. As a way to help, the organization gives music therapy to children who are fighting cancer.

  • Shahid Afridi –

Shahid Afridi is the head of the Shahid Afridi Foundation. He is also a hard-hitting all-rounder for Pakistan. 2014 was the first year that people gave money to the organization. The goal of the foundation is to make the lives of people who are less fortunate better by giving them things like potable water, electricity, and educational and medical services. The organization helps the people of Pakistan in more ways than just when there is a natural disaster. It also gives them places to play sports.

  •  Sachin Tendulkar –

Sachin Tendulkar, who is often called the “God of Cricket,” helps less fortunate children to improve their chances in life by helping them for free. The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, as it is better known, works with local charities and hospitals to make life better for children. The foundation also takes things very seriously when it comes to young people. They are also very involved with UNICEF. SRT sports management is a company that only manages sports teams. They wanted to show that they agreed with Sachin’s idea that India should be the best at sports.

  • Steve Waugh  –

Steve Waugh, who was once the captain of the Australian national team, started the Steve Waugh Foundation in 2005. The main goal of the charity organization is to help children and their families deal with the problems caused by rare diseases. People under the age of twenty-five are the ones who use it. They help set up a relaxing environment and get the tools needed for the treatment. Steve Waugh thinks that no one should have to deal with a big emergency like this one on their own.

  •  Ricky Ponting  –

Ricky Ponting is respected because people think he is one of the best captains in the world. In 2008, he started the Ponting Foundation to help children and teens who don’t have enough money. The goal of the organization is to help young people in Australia who are dealing with cancer. They give to the fundraising efforts and give the grieving family whatever they might need. They have made a name for themselves as one of Australia’s most important charities.

  • Glenn McGrath –

Glenn McGrath, an Australian fast bowler, is often thought of as one of cricket’s most generous players. In 2005, he and his wife, Jane McGrath, started the Glenn McGrath Foundation. Their goal was to get rid of the bad feelings people have about breast cancer. Jane’s realization that she had the same problem as the others pushed them to start the organization. As it has grown, it has become one of the most well-known and respected nonprofits in Australia. They do more than just raise money for a family member with breast cancer; they also teach people about the disease.

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