Rummy is an ancient game and at that time people play rummy in any corner of the market or any club or house. Nowadays you may play both online or gather somewhere and play. It can be played with money or points. It’s only up to you how to play with money or without. Nowadays people play new rummy cash gameonline and make money. you may say that it is a source of income but you can’t fulfill your all requirement by playing rummy. Rummy is a game and it plays as the game. Don’t be greedy about money while playing. There are some tips to play rummy and play secured games are as follows:

  • Make pure sequence: Sequence is two types one is pure and the other is impure. Your first step is to obtain a pure sequence you have 8 spades and 10 spade cards obtain 9 spades and make the pure sequence as early as possible. If sometimes you are not getting 9 spades and you get 7 spades from the pile then leave 10 spades and made three card sequence.
  • Collection of joker: Whenever you obtain at least one sequence then your focus is to collect joker and make more chances of a joker because joker has more chances to win. Joker cards are used to make different sequences and when you get printed joker never dispose of, them because it helps to obtain sequence.
  • Make a strategy to win: When you are going to play rummy must make a strategy to win because if you are not playing well or not taking gameplay seriously reduce your chances to win. But not greedy about money or game and always play and bid of money in limits. So that if you lose money it does not affect you.
  • Know about discarded cards: Never confuse about organizing or discarding cards so first organize cards properly so that you know very well which cards have a pick or which cards have to drop and must remember the discarding cards so that again no chance to pick the same card.
  • Don’t stick with one card too long: It means sometimes you may stick with a higher value card but fail to make a pure strong sequence and resulting in loose a chance to obtain a middle card sequence or less value of pure sequence in this way game will slip from your hand and you lose.
  • Know about dropping out: It means sometimes you do not obtain a strong or pure sequence and you know your opponent has a strong sequence than you. You may drop out of the game by getting less penalty, if you are not dropping and your opponent show the card at last you may suffer double or more than double penalty.

So must keep in mind these instructions to play the game. It is a mind game and wants full concentration. To play the safe game if you feel that you may lose the game you may drop out and suffer less loss. Play games for entertainment and never be greedy about money and also play games with money limits.

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