Wpit18.com: login and Registration Process in 2022


The online site for roster battles in the Philippines is called Wpit18.com, and users may sign up there to take part in the event. The greatest roosters compete in this match, and the winner’s owner receives awards. Let’s look at some information on the wpit18 tournament’s operation.

How does WPC operate and what is it?

There is a concept known as WPC. The World Pitmasters Cup, or WPC, is an internet competition run in the Philippines. Numerous users participate in this competition, but in order to do so, you must be aware of the following information:

The World Pitmasters Cup has its own set of rules.

  • You must abide by these regulations before completing the wpit18 com registration procedure.
  • The tournament is televised live on Wpit18 com as soon as it begins.
  • Every step that is required for this event has already been taken in order to broadcast it.
  • Because this roster battle event is so well-known in the Philippines, there is an increase in online interest on that day.
  • Players arrive on the day of the event with their cocks out and engage in ring combat.
  • To get better outcomes, the referee allots a specified amount of time.

Online Registration at Wpit18.com

You must access the wpit18 login page in order to participate in the live event, and you will then be sent to the wpit18 dashboard.

  • Enter your username and password. Click the lost password link if you have forgotten your username or password.
  • Click the CONTACT US option if you are a new user.
  • There isn’t an online form submission method, but additional contact numbers like Viber and WhatsApp are provided.
  • When you call the authorities, they will advise you on the next steps.
  • Following that, you may access the wpit18 dashboard by providing your username and password.

This event is attended by both men and women. Many foreigners take advantage of this chance by competing in the World Pitmasters Cup.

Is wpit18.com legitimate and safe?

Well, injuring any naturally occurring animal or bird is against the law and is prohibited in many nations, therefore the most of these nations have outlawed WPC events, but fans of roster fights find a way around this. Owners of the roster and other spectators who watch the action live place bets on their preferred chickens, so it’s not only cockfighting. On the other hand, while it is a type of gambling, it differs from playing roulette or the slots at an online casino. Bleeding is only one of the terrible things that might happen when rosters battle. The roster can occasionally perish in battle. You will be taken to the WPC2029 website after entering the wpit18 com website.


My own opinion is that we should protect animals and birds and prevent them from fighting. These birds have a right to freedom of movement and life. Therefore, these features of games should be avoided save for human desire. The gamblers ought to use their cash in honourable ways.

The wpit18.com FAQs

What does WPC’s entire name mean?

The full name of the WPC in cockfighting is World Pitmasters Cup. Thousands of people attend this rooster combat event in the Philippines.

Is wpit18.com legitimate and safe?

Participants in this event for cockfighting come from all over the world, yet cockfighting is prohibited in many nations.

Describe cockfighting.

Roster fights take place in the ring during the sport of cockfighting. The bout is initiated by the referee, and rosters engage in combat until a certain period. After the contest, the prize is given to the winner’s owner.

Is it prohibited to have roosters that fight?

The possession of fighting roosters is prohibited in several nations. To put an end to cockfighting, there exist rigorous restrictions.

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