Who is YourRadioPlace

Headquarters: 4988 Skyline Dr, Cambridge, Ohio, 43725, United States

Phone Number: (740) 432-5605


Revenue: $6.7M

What is revenue? revenue is $6.7 M

How many employees does have? has 13 employees

Where is headquarters located? headquarters are located in 4988 Skyline Dr, Cambridge, Ohio, 43725, United States

What are’s primary industries?’s main industries are: Media & Internet, Broadcasting, Media & Internet

Who is the CEO of’s CEO is Arunachalam.

C Arun

Hourly Pay at

A Manager, Production makes, on average, $46 per hour. The location, department, and job description all have an impact on the typical compensation for Yourradioplace.Com positions. The table below displays the salary range and overall compensation for the given job title. Yourradioplace.Com may pay a varying wage for a given position based on experience, talents, and education.

Job Salary at

1 Account Manager, Public Relations $127,013 $61
2 Chief Executive Officer $668,029 $321
3 Engineer $69,003 $33
4 Manager, Office & Accounting $66,917 $32
5 Managing Director $668,029 $321
6 Marketing Consultant $61,544 $30
7 Sales Manager $104,990 $50
8 Tech Support $103,539 $50

What is the average salary for a Manager, Production at Yourradioplace.Com in the United States?

A Yourradioplace.Com Manager, Production’s compensation ranges from $83,848 to $107,400, with an average salary of $96,027. Wages might vary greatly based on the location, the department and many other essential aspects such as the employee’s degree of education, certifications and other talents.

A Service of AVC Communications

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